Sunday, December 13, 2009

Six Deaths RPG Cards

I develop that cards for roleplaying with my original 90's group. Sometimes, when Death seems inevitable, a strange guy called Themistocles might apear and propose a chalenge: you may pick a card from the 6-Death Deck. That's a 2% chance you will win a formidable price... or a 98% chance of dying in one extremely painfull way. No chance to "lifegivers". In one of the cards you will be turned in a "Themistocles" clone, instead of being killed.

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Blogger Hackbarth said...

Já que passaste no Professor Alabarda me convidando a olhar o teu blog, resolvi comentar.

Muito boas ilustrações! Posso tentar te convencer a fazer miniaturas de papel?

Dê uma passada em e poste alguma no fórum "NEW MEMBER ARTISTS" para vermos.

Acho que tu poderias fazer minis muito boas!

11:30 AM  

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